Training protocols

Puppy's Health

Puppies are examined and receive vaccinations by a licensed Veterinarian. They come with a Certificate of Health from the Vet, a Vaccination Record, and a History of their deworming schedule.

TakeHome Puppy Package

Puppies come home with a generous Puppy Package to help ensure a smooth transition. It includes a blanket that smells like its littermates, toys, probiotic treats, food, health records and training information.

Health Guarantee

Puppies come with a two (2) year written genetic health guarantee contract. Our contract includes genetic health conditions, hips, eyes and hearts.

How a puppy is raised and trained during the first weeks of its life makes a huge difference in the lasting success it has as a forever companion in your home. We begin neonatal training protocols from the first day our puppies are born. Some of which you can find below:

Early Neurological Stimulation
Early Neurological Stimulation was developed by the United States military in order to improve the performance of future military working dogs. Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) exercises, which are conducted once daily from day 3-16 of a puppy’s life, have been proven to make puppies stronger, healthier, and more confident. Overall, these puppies then have better temperaments and are more adaptive to change throughout their lives. We perform ENS exercises during this period of a newborn puppy’s life as it is believed to be a time of rapid neurological growth and development. Even though puppies are very immature during this time frame, studies prove they are sensitive and respond to the ENS training we give them.
Have you ever walked up to a puppy in a pet store, or even one from another breeder, reached out to pet its soft velvety coat, only to have that puppy turn on your hand and use it as a chew toy?! These puppies have not been properly socialized. Early Socialization is crucial to creating perfect companion dogs. Our puppies are handled and played with on a daily basis by adults and children of all ages and genders. They are also socialized with other fully vaccinated animals. We are intentional in the way we socialize and play with our puppies. Puppies should be lovingly held and stroked at least twice daily from the day they are born to help teach them that people are safe, and interacting with people and other dogs is a safe and loving experience. We want to create confident puppies that are not afraid of new people, new dogs or new situations.
Puppies are born deaf and blind and remain so for the first two weeks of their life. During this time, their various body systems are developing and it is important to provide a safe, warm place for mama and puppies to bond. Once this time passes we begin our desensitization protocols. While still being mindful of the puppies’ developmental fear phases, each day we introduce new items and experiences to the puppies. These include but are not limited to: new areas of the home and yard, toys, sounds, flooring, food dishes, etc. ​Creating positive experiences for the puppies to help them build confidence in the world around them results in better dogs and lasting success in their future families. ​ We are careful and mindful of puppies fear periods to ensure that we are never scaring puppies and only creating positive experiences for them to help them build confidence in the world around them which results in better dogs and puppies for our families.
Potty Training & Crate Training
As soon​ our puppies begin toddling around, we begin their potty training. It is absolutely essential that a puppy is trained from the earliest age possible that it NEVER defecates where it sleeps, and that there are specific places where the puppy IS allowed to potty. Our puppies are completely potty trained to a pen setup by the time they go home.

We begin sleeping our puppies in standard wire kennels/crates around 4 weeks of age. By 6-7 weeks of age, the puppies begin to spend longer periods of time where the doors are shut until they are comfortable and prefer sleeping in their kennels as opposed to out in the open. Our goal is to teach our puppies to know that there are boundaries, and to be confident living within whatever system they are taught in their new home.
Compliance Training
Another example of one of our training protocols is Compliance Training. We pattern this after the theory of Pack Mentality by Cesar Milan. One of our exercises in compliance training consists of lovingly cuddling our puppies on their backs and on our laps in a submissive position. Once in that position we play with their paws, ears, and tails in order to desensitize them from being touched on those ‘sensitive’ areas. We also have children in the home perform compliance training so that even our rowdiest puppy knows that its smallest ‘hooman’ packmate is its alpha.

These are just a few examples of our puppy training protocols.

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We provide exceptional breeding services based on extensive genetic research, careful pairing based on health and genetic testing, and an excellent whelping experience for our puppies based on proven neonatal training techniques. Our experience over the years has helped us perfect our methods and techniques so you can rest assured that we will produce quality, healthy puppies with great temperaments.