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Since our creation of the first Ultra Bernedoodle years ago, the demand for these unique, striking puppies has been unprecedented. Having ties with co-breeders Rocky Road Doodles in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Namaste Bernedoodles in Dallas, Texas, Orchard Valley Doodles was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, with the central focus on creating the best bloodlines possible for our Ultra Bernedoodles. Our new location has provided us with the opportunity to reach more families, being just a day trip away from these popular cities:

Chicago, Illinois- 5.25 hours, 345 miles

Washington, D.C.- 6 hours, 371 miles

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- 6.75 hours, 431 miles

New York City, New York- 7.5 hours, 462 miles

Nashville, Tennessee- 7.75 hours, 521 miles

Boston, Massachusetts- 9.5 hours, 639 miles


We are dedicated to raising Bernedoodles with phenomenal temperaments and dispositions. We have heavily invested in the genetic and health testing of our dogs so that we are able to produce exceptional puppies with optimal health and beauty.


We understand the significance of adding a puppy to your family. At Orchard Valley Doodles, we recognize that bringing one of our puppies home is more than just purchasing a pet, it’s adding a new member to your family. Family is important to us, too, at Orchard Valley Doodles. Each litter of puppies is raised in an individual family home where every puppy is held, played with, and loved on every single day.


The “Ultra” generation of Bernedoodles has been brought to life by our team of genetics experts through nearly a decade of extensive genetic testing, pedigree review, and selective breeding pairings. An Ultra Bernedoodle, by definition, is a Bernedoodle with a higher percentage of Bernese Mountain Dog genetics than Poodle genetics. Since Ultra Bernedoodles have a higher percentage of Bernese Mountain Dog genetics, they tend to inherit some of the characteristics like the teddy bear-like structure, relaxed temperament, and straighter coat of the Bernese Mountain Dog yet still having those low to non-shedding coat genetics. 


At Orchard Valley Doodles, we believe that Bernedoodles are the ultimate family pet. Bernedoodles are very loving, affectionate, and playful temperament. Bernedoodles related well with adults, children, and other animals. Like humans, every dog varies in personality, but, generally, our Bernedoodles have a mild, peaceful, and easygoing disposition, especially as adults. To a greater extent, Ultra Bernedoodles are prone to have an even more relaxed temperament than any other generation of Bernedoodle due to their high percentage of Bernese Mountain Dog genetics.

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Our knowledge base and years of extensive genetic research, careful pairing based on health and genetic testing, and family-raised whelping experience for our puppies sets us apart. Our experience over the years has helped us perfect our methods and techniques so you can rest assured that we will produce quality, healthy puppies with great temperaments.