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Orchard Valley Doodles was founded in Payson, Utah. Payson is a small tight knit community about an hour south of Salt Lake City, Utah. Nestled against the Wasatch Mountains on one side, and surrounded by thousands of acres of Orchards on the other, Payson is rich in history and tradition. We couldn’t imagine a more wholesome place to raise our fur-babies.


We are dedicated to raising Sheepadoodles, Goldendoodles, and Bernedoodles with phenomenal temperaments & dispositions. We have heavily invested in the genetic and health testing of our dogs and their puppies so that we are not only able to produce gorgeous puppies, but happy and healthy puppies as well.


Family has always been a top priority for us. We started on the path of breeding when we began our own search for the perfect family dog. Like many other families, our first family dog was a rescue. Unfortunately, without knowing the history of our new dog, we were also unable to predict how she would interact with our young children at the time, their friends, and guests who visited our home. Within a year, we decided it was best to rehome her with a loving family that had older teenage children in a home that also had a quiet lifestyle so our rescue would have less negative reactions to her environment. And our search for the perfect family dog began again, this time with much stricter parameters.


Before it was all the rage, and through careful research, we discovered the ‘Doodle Breed’…. and the rest is history. We became obsessed with genetics and fascinated with how they allowed us to plan crosses between specific parents that resulted in beautiful dogs with unique temperaments….. perfect for such a wide range of people in different circumstances. We have always determined we would be INTENTIONAL in our program genetics, the quality of life for our parent dogs, and our puppy training protocols. We fell in love with these smart, loving, obedient, playful fur-babies…… and vowed to make sure each parent in our program lived a full and joyful life as a pet themselves in a forever home. Happy healthy puppies start with happy healthy parents.


The beautiful relationships we have with our dogs can be so fulfilling and healing. As a family, we have found this to be true in our own experience, and we love sharing this opportunity with others. 

But for anything worthwhile, you must have a solid, wholesome foundation. Each of the parents in our program therefore, mamas and studs alike, live as pets in forever homes called Guardian Homes. We aren’t a kennel and we don’t have ‘puppy palaces.’ Instead, we have a team of people who love our dogs literally as their own. Mamas come to us to have their puppies but live most of the year as pets.

Each litter is raised in a home environment as well. We have tried and true neonatal health and training protocols that make the transition from our home to yours seamless, and we educate and prepare the future families of our puppies so that they have lasting success with their new forever companion.

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We provide exceptional breeding services based on extensive genetic research, careful pairing based on health and genetic testing, and an excellent whelping experience for our puppies based on proven neonatal training techniques. Our experience over the years has helped us perfect our methods and techniques so you can rest assured that we will produce quality, healthy puppies with great temperaments.