Available now! We have a limited selection of puppies available to go home within the next few weeks. These require an accepted application in order to purchase. Don’t miss this chance to bring home a new family member today!


120lb european bernese mountain dog

Meet Nessy! She has a gorgeous tricolor coat with amazing white markings. She is very gentle and calm and loves to be with her people. Nessy is loyal to a fault. She is extremly devoted to her guardian. Her puppies have been independent yet playful, but at the end of the day, will calm right down and snuggle in your arms where they promptly fall asleep. We know from experience.


120lb european bernese mountain dog

Ellie is one big lovable ball of floof. She is playful and goofy, as well as extremely smart and calm. We’ve never met a dog or human she hasn’t loved. She has gorgeous soulful eyes and loves to cuddle on the couch. We are excited to welcome another litter of her gorgeous puppies to the Orchard Valley Family.


78LB Bernese mountain dog

Sally is a friendly, family-oriented dog, always seeking out a family member to lean on and cuddle with. She loves to be out rolling in the snow during the winter and lounging in the house watching tv in the summer. She is gentle natured and loves her family. Sometimes she can be a hilarious goofball. She's not much of an athlete but more of the family clown.


76lb Bernese mountain dog

Bella is another one of our stunning Bernese Mountain Dog moms. Bella has a wonderful happy-go-lucky temperament and a loving disposition. She lives very happily with her guardian family and loves other dogs. She goes to doggy daycare several days a week and has lots of furry friends. Bella loves the dog park and enjoys lots of playtime.


85lb Bernese mountain dog

Zoey, one of our beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog mothers, possesses a delightful and carefree nature along with a loving personality. She resides blissfully with her human family and adores other dogs. Zoey frequently attends doggy playdates, where she spends time with many four-legged friends. Additionally, she finds joy in visiting the dog park and playing to her heart's content.


85lb bernese mountain dog

Jewel is a beautiful blocky Bernese Mountain Dog with an amazing disposition and good looks to boot! Jewel has a classic Bernese Mountain Dog temperament, is highly devoted to her family, and enjoys pawing at you for more attention and pets! Jewel really is a quintessential Bernese Mountain Dog and exemplifies everything we love about this breed. She is cuddly and has the happiest personality.


75LB Bernese mountain dog

Maizie is an absolutely gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog mom that has a sweet and mellow disposition. She has a very laidback and balanced temperament. She has a gentle nature and is very sweet and kind-hearted with children and other dogs. She is eager to please and is such a sweetheart with everyone. She is on the smaller side for a Bernese Mountain Dog, but we love everything about her in terms of her conformation, which makes her perfect for our program!


76lb Bernese mountain dog

Allie is one of our stunning Bernese Mountain Dogs. Allie is such a pretty girl with a great personality to match! She adores children and loves being around the neighborhood kids when her human siblings have friends over. Allie shows affection by pawing, as well, which is a classic Bernese trait! She will paw at you to get you to continue petting her and giving her all of the love and affection. She is a kind natured girl and has a heart of gold. We are excited to have Allie in our breeding program.


85lb Bernese mountain dog

Khloe has beautiful tricolor markings along with a soft, thick coat. Khloe has a wonderful, mellow temperament, and we are so happy to have her as a part of our breeding program. Khloe loves the children in her family and is a huge love bug. Khloe is a sweet soul and the epitome of a Bernese Mountain Dog.


85lb bernese mountain dog

Bellaire is one of our sweet and mellow Bernese moms. Bellaire is a stunning Bernese with beautiful rust markings and the prettiest lush coat! We love her personality just as much as we appreciate her beauty. She is such a devoted doggie to her family. Bernese have amazingly loyal natures and Bellaire is no exception to this! She is happy and sweet and is an easy dog to have around the house. She prefers to hang out near her guardians and was very easily trained to walk off leash since she has such strong loyalty and homing. We are so excited to have her bloodline in our program!