Making your family whole

 one bernedoodle puppy at a time

The Orchard Valley

Bernedoodle Difference

At Orchard Valley Doodles we are focused on creating a better next generation to further the Bernedoodle as a breed, specifically Ultra Bernedoodles. Using our advanced bloodlines, genetic testing, and attractive pedigrees, every breeding is carefully thought out with health, temperament, and beauty in mind. We aim to produce the ideal Bernedoodle and family companion. Our team involves members on staff as well as contractors, groomers, veterinarians, and other providers to create this ecosystem in which our Bernedoodles thrive.

OUR Vision

We work tirelessly to ensure the lasting success of our puppies in their new homes. We accomplish this first and foremost through the careful selection of the parent dogs in our program. This careful selection of our mamas and studs is dependent upon temperament testing and genetic testing. We also believe it is absolutely essential that each parent dog lives its best life as a forever pet in a Home Environment. We leave nothing to chance when selecting those who become our Guardian Families. Each one is interviewed and vetted. We believe happy, healthy puppies begin with happy, healthy parents. Through careful genetic research, intentional whelping and training practices, and a commitment to providing the best lives possible for the parent dogs in our stewardship, we hope to leave a lasting legacy.

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Our knowledge base and years of extensive genetic research, careful pairing based on health and genetic testing, and family-raised whelping experience for our puppies sets us apart. Our experience over the years has helped us perfect our methods and techniques so you can rest assured that we will produce quality, healthy puppies with great temperaments. Contact us now to learn more adding an Orchard Valley Bernedoodle to your family today!