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Orchard Valley

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Extensive Socialization. Orchard Valley provides you with a puppy that has been played with multiple times a day by multiple adults, children, and other fully vaccinated pets. We strive to provide you with the Perfect Family Companion.

Early Neurological Stimulation: performed on each pup daily starting when they are 3 days old. ENS has been shown to strengthen the puppy’s heart and other vital body systems, increase their intelligence, and increase disease resistance. ENS is considered by many veterinarians and breeders to be just as vital to a puppy’s health as vaccinations. 

A puppy started on potty training from the time it is 3 weeks old.

A puppy started on crate training from the time it is 5 weeks old.

A puppy that has been started on basic commands, including bite and bark inhibition.

A two year genetic health guarantee.

All vaccinations up to date.

De-worming every 2 weeks until you take your puppy home

A puppy starter package including a blanket that smells like mom, a small bag of our preferred puppy food, and instructions on how to transition potty training from our home to yours. 

A commitment from Orchard Valley that none of our dogs will ever end up in a shelter.

A complete willingness to provide ongoing support.

From Sheepadoodles to Goldendoodles to Bernedoodles, you’ll find the puppy you’re looking for at Orchard Valley Doodles!